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Mar. 25th, 2015



Xbox 360 Games I Have:

GTA V (Heists), Destiny, Borderlands 2, Saints Row The Third (haven't yet beaten), Minecraft, Resident Evil 6, Dark Souls, Battlefield 3, Halo 4, Dead Island: Riptide, Call of Juarez: The Cartel & more

I prefer that u be at least 18+ and have a MIC. Guys are nice to play games with and all but it'd be nice for a female besides my sister to play along with lol.

PS: If u add me let me know u are from here and what ur interested in playin'. The more talkative the better! Please don't be that one person whom talks one time then ya never hear from em again lol.

Xbox 360 Gamertag: TranqTeFLoN180
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Xbox One

Looking for people to play On Xbox One with
I mainly play GTA 5 and Battlefield. I have a Mic for chat and im 17, so yeah add me if you have Xbox One im on most days and need to find some new people to game with...
You can kik me if you want to talk or want me to come online
Kik: itssssliam

Mar. 23rd, 2015



Looking for new friends to play some games online with, Xbox One.
I play pretty much anything really, got a good few games, always buying new ones. Got a Mic for chat

23, Scotland
Add me!

Mar. 22nd, 2015


Xbox One Fraaannds?

So..It's me, Ever..again..this time I'm looking for friends to play with on the Xbox One.

I'm 15, going to be 16 soon..on July 1st.

I have GTA V, Dying Light, AC: Unity, Halo: MC Collection, Minecraft, and CoD: Advanced Warfare..I mostly play GTA V, Dying Light, and AC: Unity, I just need more friends to play with and to just have fun with, and I do have a mic.

I'm kinda shy at first, I'll only talk unless spoken to first..or unless I get more comfortable with you and then I become an open book, open for questions about myself 24/7 c:

But, I'm not always on and I sometimes have the worst internet connection, so I won't always be able to join. About not being on, I do have school to attend 5 days a week.

I'm looking for people in between 15-20+, doesn't matter if you're male or female..we're all human :b

One more thing, if you add me..and I'm not on and you want me to be on or if you just want to talk, I have a Kik account and I'll try my best to get on and or answer back ^-^

GT: l Everlasting l
Kik: ObeyEver_13

Jake Clarke

Master chief collection legendary

Need someone to do the campaign on combat evolved. Add me : KILL GX SHAKEY

Mar. 16th, 2015



Hey everyone, Im looking for people to play ghosts with. I can also play bo2 And aw if u inv me. I can also download any free games if u want me to play with u. I’m 16/m almost 17 and really friendly and cool once you get to know me (and a lil annoying lol). Guys or girls can add me 15+ and definitely must have a mic cuz I like talking alot. Don’t be shy :P
* Slurp *

Gamertag: BurninHersheyz


Looking for Friends To Play Xbox One With (New To This And Wanting To Change That)

How's it going everyone? I'm James ^_^

27/M/Hawkinsville Ga.

I'm looking for people not just to play online with (which I'm honestly new at) but also simply friends period. Be it casual or more dedicated and involved? I'm open to whatever.

I also run a Youtube channel (that I will post the link to below along with my Facebook if anyone would like to add me) with my cousin where we cover Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC (especially indie horror titles) and also retro consoles, and I'm also trying to learn the basics of Twitch even though I haven't streamed yet (but have opened a channel)

I'm not selective on how old you are or gender as long as you're someone who's chill and not out to grief or simply be rude. As I said, I'm hoping to meet new people I can interact with and have a good time with. The only issue is that I currently have no mic BUT should by the 19th given I'm ordering a adapter today to connect my headset to my Xbox, and also most of the games I have I've barely played so if we play together and either you're higher level than me or simply more skilled I apologize

Truthfully being honest with you all? Sad as this sounds? The only game I've ever played online is Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, which gave some bad experiences which due to already having degrees of social anxiety? It made me iffy on future attempts. But I hope to break out of that.

I own both an Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but given the 360 is broke I game solely on the one aside from pc games in moderation (usually I do pc gaming for the Youtube channel but I have Garry's Mod among others)

Games I have and would like to play with others:

Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition (I also have the Super Ultra Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α dlc for it)

Dying Light




Lego Marvel


Rayman Legends

Sunset Overdrive

Killer Instinct

And Assassin's Creed Unity


Gamertag: ApexRogue13 (Feel free to add me if you want)


Youtube channel:

Thank you to any of you guys in advance if you add me and I hope to play with you soon ^_^

Mar. 15th, 2015



Looking for gta5 players for heist, I have a steady team of 3 we need one more, or someone to roam around and do dumb shit with, I have a ton of games but I don't really play them(:

XboxOne- SissyBooRye

Mar. 14th, 2015


Looking to make friends and play games!

Hi there gamer's,
So i am looking to add friends to play only, either through the Xbox One or 360, i don't play much online, normally a solo player but i am looking/trying to change that. Currently i have Evolve, Sunset Overdrive and CoD:AW on the Xbox One and on the 360 i have, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Halo 2,3,4 and ODST, CoD:Ghosts, Fable II, Minecraft 360 Edition. These are the games i currently have that can be played online.
But if you have any suggestions i am all ears. you can send me a message anytime, i will reply. I am looking for gamer's who enjoying playing the game whilst taking them seriously. Not interested in grievers and rude people. I live in South Africa at the moment so i am just trying to make friends across the globe. Gamer guys and gamer girls are welcome.

My gamer tag is: luciusredd

If you are interested in playing lemme know. :)

PS. i am married and not interested in online relations or whatever, just wanna game and have some laughs with fellow gamer's.

luciusredd gamertag

Mar. 13th, 2015

Jack Stepen

Friends On Xbox One!

Hey! I'm Chris and I'm 16 Years Old. I would like friends on Xbox One to chat and play with. i do Youtube and Twitch, so there may be times where you could be in it. i will ask before i record. I have a Mic. I am very friendly. I play a lot of games online. I have a Crew in GTA Online and a Clan in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. There will be info below.

Xbox One Games I Play Online:
1. Halo: The Master Chief Collection (I Play This A LOT! Look Below for Something if You are interested.)
2. Grand Theft Auto 5 (I Also Play This Alot)
3. Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare (My Disc is scrached right now. if you have it downloaded and would like to trade accounts so i can get, I will owe you big time. I also have the Season Pass, so i will get ALL 4 Map Packs. I Do Have The First Map Pack and Exo Zombies)
4. Destiny (Level 29 Titan. I do have The Dark Below Expansion)
5. Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (Im still playing through this game. If you want to get in for Co-Op, Message Me to Invite you OR Just Get In.)
6. Titanfall (I will be playing this more now that i have ALL Map Packs)
7. Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round (If You Want To Fight Against Me, Let Me Know and I will take you on)
8. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

My Crew is called 5-StarCopKiller. No Invite Required! Rules are you must be nice to me and crewmates. No Mic is required. You Must Be Age 13 Or Higher. You Can Just Join OR Message Me To Send You A Crew Invite.

My Clan is called The FalCie. Rules Are You MUST Be Nice to me and Clanmates. No Mic Required. You Must Be At Least Rank 15 To Join. You Must Be Age 13 Or Higher. Message Me To Send A Clan Invite.

I Am Currently Going Through All 4 Halos on Legendary!
I Need Someone To Help Me Finish Halo: Combat Evolved
I MIGHT Need Someone For Halo 2
I Need 3 Players To Help For Halos 3 and 4.
Message if you can help AND Message What Halos You Want and can do!

Check Out My Youtube and Twitch Channels. I Will Even Subscribe Back!
You can Also Message me on Kik!

Xbox Gamertag- CODMasterChris
Youtube Channel - CODMasterChris (Has My Xbox One Gamer Pic)
Twitch Channel- CODMasterChris
Kik- CODMasterChris
Instagram- CODMasterChris (Also Has My Xbox Gamer Pic)

Thanks!!! :-)

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