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February 2016




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Feb. 4th, 2016


XBOX 360

Hey! xbox360

usertag: soulmanmtl
over 18 please and friendly : )

exo zombies
gta 5
wwe 2k16
left for dead 2
forza horrizon
need for speed rivals
dead rising
dead island
f1 race stars
hydro thunder
sonic racing transformed
castle crashers
vigilante 8

Jan. 21st, 2016


(no subject)

Sup guys need friends 18 and up to play black ops 3 with I'm chill but 1s I get to know u more I can be really funny
I always play by myself so u guys can invite me to ur party's
Mostly on black ops3 and maybe mine craft

GT DOubleTr0ubleSs

I'm not sure if my gamer Tag is right lol
So if I don't add u

Add me on snapchat @ flako_xc and send me ur GT so I can add u

It can be any one girl or boy don't matter just be over 18 or 17
I like to play domination and search and destroy and team death match

Jan. 16th, 2016


(no subject)

Hey I'm Lucie 19 from the UK ^^
I'm looking for females to play with on the Xbox one as in mine and my boyfriends group I'm the only female x3 sucks

My GT is MidnightYui

I play games such as
Borderlands 2
Halo MCC
Halo 5
Fallout 4
Cod ghosts
ARK survival
The witcher 3
AC syndicate
Tomb raider
Diablo 3
Elder Scrolls Online
Battlefield 4
Dying light
Dark souls 2
Dragon age
And Titanfall

Send me a message ^^


(no subject)

hey guys. I'm 19

right now I only play with HALO 5 and looking for new friends or HALO 5 players in XBL
every one who adds me , I'll add him/her back

Gamertag : SSMSFV

Jan. 8th, 2016


xbox 360

Looking for friends to game with :)
COD, GTA5 mostly.
Add me!

Jan. 2nd, 2016


Looking for People to Talk to

Hey fellow Live Journal Users!

My name is Leo and I have posted on live journal for quite some time, though now I kinda have halted my posting because of people I have actually met, though I will spare you the details because I don't wanna sound like I'm complaining.
Anyways! My Username for live is: Appleson1 though I think you adding me on steam would be more better considering that I'm on my PC more then anything, My Steam: The Almighty Corgi, but if I'm being 100% honest, I'm just kinda wanting to talk to people rather then playing games. I like Building Relationships though I can be mean if you're rude to me. But that's really anyone. Haha
I'll also provide my Kik because why not? My Kik: Appleson1, So feel free to hit me up wither it be for friendship or relationship purposes, I'm not gay but I have no problem with homosexuals so feel free to talk to me. :)

--Xbox Live: Appleson1
--Steam: The Almighty Corgi (Grasschanger)
--Kik: Appleson1

I'm looking forward to talking to you. :)

Dec. 30th, 2015


Xbox One

Gamertag is xXDeathPhoenix, But You Can Call Me Phoenix.
I have Minecraft and BM:AK (Cause I just got console)
Im getting GTA 5, Black Ops 3, and a headset soon.
Not a noob at:
MC(Survival + Creative)
Advanced Warfare
Trolling People xD

Noob at:
Everything Else :P

Dec. 28th, 2015



Hi, My names Mandee and I am looking for xbox headz to play with. I play all sorts of games but RPG are my favorite! I have been playing Gears of War: Remastered a lot recently and fairly new to the system. I have had both xbox 360 and PS4 and now have an Xbox One. Yess, I went back to xbox because it fits more of my style and the games are way better. Feel free to add me and I will add you back! Even if it's just to talk :)

Gamertag: She SLAY xNx it


Dec. 27th, 2015

Whitley Lines

XBOX 360

Hi, I'm Whitley 18 years old, looking for some new people to play Xbox 360 with and talk to games I mostly play are

Black ops / black ops 2
Gta 5

Big zombie player so anyone who likes to play zombies add me!

Gamer tag! : WeeWhitterWeb

Around my age, please

Thanks! :)

Dec. 24th, 2015


Xbox One

Add me just bought the Xbox one recently and have few friends on it. I have bo3, fallout 4, and smite. I'm 17/m and I'm pretty annoying once you get to know me better lol. You must have a mic and not be boring because I like to talk a lot while playing. Guys or girls can add me but have to be 15+.

GT: BurninHersheyz

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